Listening - watching
taking a moment
drawing the world
finding the way to connection
again and again.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015


I was recently part of an interesting exhibit in New York City at The Westbeth Gallery.
The show was titled "Correspondence" and was curated by my friend Steve Clorfeine.
He had offered boxes of letters and postcards that he had received over the years
to a group of artists to play with, transform, and create artwork exploring, as he wrote -
"Correspondence : relationship across time and space."

I visited his studio this past winter to look through the boxes
and picked up a postcard and some fragments of typed letters.

Here is what I created - and what I wrote about the piece . . .

The image on this postcard drew me in and then the story on the back provided more information.
A boat with a heavy shipment of concrete sinking down slowly in the water.
I added fragments of typed letters to the waves and a cancellation stamp moon to the sky.
Then I began to write out a background field of thoughts and feelings, following the
movement of life within, allowing my inner landscape to be touched by the outer image,
layered, complex, somewhat hidden - giving voice to the weight and goodness of sinking,
dropping down, going deep, letting go . . .

Here are a few of the other pieces that were part of the show -

Two panels from her four panel box that opened to reveal mysterious forms -
so evocative and intimate !

Lanny Harrison - LETTERS TO MIMI
A lively collage using letters that Steve Clorfeine had written to Lanny's mother.

Suzy Sureck - DROP ME A LINE
An exquisite cascading of letters down the wall -
illuminated and dancing with gravity.

Ralph Lee - AIR MAIL
This piece covered one whole wall - playful and flying -
created by the beloved puppeteer and celebration artist.

Gurmi Lama - CHORTEN
A monument to the Buddha or other great teachers.
This one was decorated with small strands of prayer flags
made out of colorful postage stamps.

A beautifully wrought painting of a stack of mail - catalogues, cards, publicity -
that we usually put aside, then throw out.
Giving attention to something ordinary, everyday, and overlooked.

Theresa Antonellis - ONE TO ONE (One Line to One Breath)
Stretching across a wall, each breath a line - in relationship to the page -
to the stroke - to the moment - again and again. 

It was all such an interesting and creative offering !

You can view more of the art from the show here -

Friday, March 27, 2015

Daily Practice

Here is what showed up today in my daily writing practice.

Each morning I fill a large sheet of rice paper with brush handwriting,
following the touch of hair on paper, the lively letterforms, and my thoughts -
often beginning with the observable world and finding, at the end,
what is close and intimate.

It is interesting to me that I wrote there was "nothing to publish"
and then felt the pull to send this out after all . . . perhaps there was nothing to lose.

Sharing in the spirit of offering handwriting as a path of connection.

Enjoy the leaping letters - and read the "translation" below . . .

Make some order to table - place the black bowl
of ink in front of the white expanse of paper - lean
back a bit relaxing the pushing forward posture - feel
the cool air on my arms through the sweater - look
up and out and note the sky beginning to cloud over
the light dimming a little - one dove marches along
the top of the stone wall - touching in on the day - my
need for steadiness and doing the enlivening work -
black ink on my finger where the brush rests - the
mark of creative engagement - the ting of brush
ferrule on glass bowl edge - the tiny moves of life
& expression - so small - only seen by me in this mo-
ment - nothing to publish - and yet this is the heart
of the matter - noticing - intimate - close - small - here.