Listening - watching
taking a moment
drawing the world
finding the way to connection
again and again.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Garden Networks

Back from the Authentic Leadership in Action (ALIA)
conference in Victoria, B.C.
Spent time there with Tom Hurley and Keith Webb
thinking about patterns - in organizations - and nature. 

Now getting grounded back home, 
I wander into the garden, 
looking for patterns . . . 

garden networks #2
garden networks #3
garden networks #4


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful with a particularly crystaline clarity.

Thank you for sharing them with us.



Colleen Hendrick said...

Dear Barb,

I love your work! And your comment about looking for patterns -- well, I just returned from the Assisi Institute in Vermont where I presented on Archetypal Pattern Recognition and West African Drum & Dance! I can't wait to reconnect with you face to face.


meera said...

Beautiful! I am so happy to have stumbled upon your blog!