Listening - watching
taking a moment
drawing the world
finding the way to connection
again and again.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Sitting in this quiet studio
(husband and son off on their adventures in the world)
as snow falls steadily outside. 

Hours spent this morning on the phone and computer,
attending to - caring for - relationships. 

Now I turn to the strand of bittersweet,
clipped and unwound from the rose brambles, 
waiting for me . . .

bitttersweet #1
bittersweet #2
bittersweet #3
bittersweet #4


Anonymous said...

Well Barbara, here you go again. This is exquisite, and as always I feel the moment, and the place.

brt said...

My students and I were considering the special opportunities of the winter landscape. This one is choice, an elegant fragment making its meandering line towards all that we cannot see.

Anonymous said... thank you!

austene said...

Lovely to see the bittersweet's orange berry that lingered in your roses. Thank you. Love, Austene

Evi said...

I received your book "True Nature" as a Christmas gift. I absolutely loved it and was delighted to find this blog. How exquisite.The delicate bittersweet vine, spilling down the page.
Thank you for sharing your view of the world in such a stunning way!! said...

my usual unimaginative response: beautiful, exquisite, true. thanks. c

annpatty said...

I'm always so happy to find a new post waiting in my mailbox. And it makes me see everything around me more clearly. thanks

LIsa said...

So elegant. Everything else falls away.