Listening - watching
taking a moment
drawing the world
finding the way to connection
again and again.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011


On a gray afternoon
I see the shape
of the aspen tree
anew. . .

bones #1


Anonymous said...

Yes Barbara, Believe that I look out my window right here in Park Slope and see the same branches, waiting. Love your rendition.
Love you,

evie said...

The aspen is my body - ready to be reborn. I am toally still, vulnerable, bare and open yet within lives all potential. In one moment I "wake up", radiate out, and the potential transforms into warriorshp, over and over again.

Thank-you Barbara for such inspiration!



brt said...

I miss aspen. They are so lovely out west. Here high winds have felled massive old trees. Oddly, they fall without hurting anyone, even an old dog standing nearby.

nancy said...

beautiful barbara