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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Earth Boar banners

Each year I create banners for Sky Lake Meditation Center
for Tibetan New Year / Losar / Shambhala Day.
This year the celebration was on February 5th.
I begin by going on the internet to gather ideas
for the animal and element of the year.
Then I start to sketch out designs and play with the banner form.

 This year, 2019, is the Earth Boar / Earth Pig / Earth Sow year .

The banners measured 22" x 6' and were painted on an earthy red fabric.
The paint was sumi ink and white acrylic. 

I started with ancient Chinese pictograms.
There is something so distilled and essential about these shapes.
I combined the pictogram for Earth and Pig 
so that they shared a common line in the center.

Next I let the letters stack and interact 
using a contemporary form of the Medieval Uncial alphabet
that seemed to fit with the shape of pigs.
The boar head became a decorative touch.

Then a lively italic script took charge 
and the boar became mask-like and mysterious. 

Here the numerals dominated
and created spaces and edges to play within.

Then some pigs showed up - 
floating and connected by a thread of vertical letters.

And Earth Mountains appeared 
with the boar and numerals becoming a kind of seal chop at the bottom. 

And finally - leaping and running pigs.

May this year bring us all some enlivening wisdom
and steady perseverance !


Lisa Freedman said...

I love these! The red background is gorgeous, and each banner conveys such a distinct mood or energy. I feel more connected to the possibilities of this new year now. Thank you!

Kathy said...

These take my breath away! Thank you for sharing them.

Unknown said...

These banner images are earthy and magical.
Love them all, especially the flying pigs - such joy.