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taking a moment
drawing the world
finding the way to connection
again and again.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Frog Story

I knelt down to clean the little pond by the front door
and right there at the edge was a frog
looking straight up at me.
I paused.
It did not bolt away.
I knelt closer and said some things
about spring and welcoming
and appreciating its presence.
Then I reached out slowly
and touched its smooth forehead,
stroking it softly,
and we had a long moment of interspecies exchange.
Then I went back to cleaning the pond
and the frog went back to hiding close by.

Searching for a misplaced pump filter
I stretched my arm down to the bottom of the pond,
feeling around in the murky cold dark
and brushed up against a huge slippery frog leg.

Reaching for the net I scooped out
the biggest bullfrog I'd ever seen - dead -
eleven inches tip to toe.

Must have been the king of this spot
in charge - in place -
staying put through the winter.
But the rubber lining didn't allow for digging down in the mud
and life got colder and colder.

I laid the great grey luminous corpse in the woods under a bush.
Time to sink down truly now.

It's a new season with a new frog.
The old powers gone away.
Reaching down in the muddy depths.
Honoring what was found there.
Starting over fresh.


storydevi said...

I love your frog story. and the paintings of course. and the reality of the cold winter passing and new life. I have had an unexpected communion with a new young pigeon. It is all mottled like a Navajo pony and fearless. It sits on the window sill in the late afternoon as if waiting for me. And doesn't fly away when I open the screen to leave some food. Today we had a moment. We were just with each other. It was obvious. And I felt so refreshed by our meeting.. sending love from the whacky concrete world where the green vines have outrageously appeared again out of what looked completely barren of life

Barbara Bash said...

Thank you for this - "just with each other" and being so refreshed by the exchange - yes yes . . . and life pushing through, coming forth , in spite of it all. The world can be so encouraging.

wateronthemoon said...

Love your frog story. Yes, exactly, circle of death and rebirth. We found a foot-long dead rat in our tiny water pond (size of a big barrel); and then, during spring snow, a live one came to the window, looking in at me. I felt no aversion whatsoever, just admiring of how beautiful he was, grey and sleek. Looking at each other with the same curiosity.

Barbara Bash said...

Wow - the same story - thank you ! Love the image of the visit to your window and the curiosity for each other. Wonderful . . .

Unknown said...

So, so lovely Barbara ... I adore the accompanying tender paintings.

Unknown said...

Only you can make a joy of sadness. The story of your frog is welcoming as life goes on and new and old go their ways. YOu capture it all. Thanks for sharing. Florence S

Unknown said...

What a lovely post! I'm recently back from a southwest trip east from California. Oh so many inspirations!

You inspire me to make better note of them! Blessings of the season. Suzy

Unichrone said...
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jan godown annino said...

This is true & beautiful. Meaning, both the watercolor paintings & the poem story.

I found this site in looking for a children's book about banyan trees.

I am so glad to be here, Barbara Bash & hope to return to learn more from you.

JG Annino/Bookseedstudio

Barbara Bash said...

Wonderful Jan to have you find the blog! ! Hope you also found my book on the banyan tree. Glad to have your eyes and heart taking it in - b