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finding the way to connection
again and again.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Day at the Museum

After a week of snowstorms 
I head into New York City and the Metropolitan Museum
to see what draws me in and out . . . 

I expect to feel my delight and curiosity. 
Instead I stagger through the halls, overwhelmed and discouraged. 
The buddhas and bodhisattvas do not comfort me.
The Egyptians seem preoccupied with death. 
All the people wandering around appear to have attention deficit disorder - 
but it's really me that has it ! 

Finally I get to the "primitives" - Oceania, Africa, Pre-Colombian - 
and I painfully coax my pencil to the page . . .


  1. So beautiful to take this day trip into town with you. With love from Alaska...

  2. This was inspirational to me as I moved through my day. I spoke to a friend about this and some of my own dark thoughts lately and he said this was a tough time astrologically to be out and about. Maybe so. Thanks for sharing....

  3. Barbara these are wonderful and make me feel as though I am right there in the Met. I love the purple around the Mali woman figure. I have been working with those two colors lately. All them I love.
    And had the same experience last time I was at the met. It was later in the day that you and I talked while I was waiting in S's car, the day you were leaving for Amsterdam. I had planning to go to the Guggenheim for a last look at the Kandinsky but it was closed so I consoled myself with the Met. But I found it to be much as you did, and did not stay long. It felt too claustrophobic.

    However, the previous time on a Saturday night at the Samurai exhibit with a group from the sangha honoring Irene Woodard and having drinks on the balcony later was delightful.

    Love, Paulette

  4. I worked at the Met for some years and felt a palpable change in my heart rate and blood pressure whenever I visited the Africa, Oceania, and the Americas galleries. In particular the first mask you drew and some others which have bird feathers, blood, and animal sinew, etc. are very elemental and provocative to me. You capture these beautiful pieces so well. Thank you for your wondrous blog. I love to look at/read it.

  5. Thank you all for these reflections . . .
    this was a strong journey for me - and yes a relief to find the way
    through. Hearing how each of you is doing this in your life brings companionship to my world.

    And someone mentioned that Mercury has just turned a corner recently
    and is heading forward again - yeah !

  6. You have an admirable capacity for analysis and observation and a very nice style.

  7. i didn't know this was a way to respond to a walk through the MNet.