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taking a moment
drawing the world
finding the way to connection
again and again.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

In the Laundry Room

I am living in Colorado Springs right now,
in residence for four months at Colorado College
learning how to teach my mindfulness art practices online in this new world,
also hosting NVC and circle practices for the college on zoom.
Hopefully I'll be returning to the Hudson Valley in mid-May.

I am sequestered in a nice old house near campus that is divided into
apartments for visiting faculty, but I'm the only one in the building these days.
Here it is, surrounded by spring snow . . .

I couple of weeks ago I realized that the laundry room off the kitchen would make a nice studio -
so I moved in - stretched out ! It is sunny and spacious with big tables and a washer and dryer of course. I do my brush work here and my zoom calls, as well as African dance classes and even
some cello playing (rented one in town).

I put some lively letters on the wall -
always good to have the alphabet at my back . . .

I am taking walks each day with my face mask on,
staying in contact - with myself - with others - with the world -
and the creative spirit through it all . . .

Here is one of the little books I've made recently.
using fragments of big brush strokes for the imagery.

May this journey nourish you during these difficult times. 


Sydney Cash said...

Good images for the words!

Barbara Bash said...

Thank you Sydney - and for your beautiful card - I love John O’ Donohue - will respond in kind - b

Dennis D said...

Thanks so much for sharing your living space/work space with us. It's helpful to glimpse how others are finding some peace and creativity in mixes of isolation and e-visits.

Your intersection of brush, ink, thought, and writing is so rich. While you reveal your own insights and artisty you simultaneously show others a path to do the same.
... many thanks.

Unknown said...

This is lovely.
A balm. I find myself diving into the ink, the strokes each have a voice of their own...
Thank you Barbara

katieyosha said...

I love these brushstroke clips and your captions. They become jewels that I can see in a new way.
Missing you--and all of our community, real live drumming and bare feet jumping.

Aerin Dunford said...

I love your little book... strokes and words. Feel so inspired to be in the darkness together with you. Thank you for your gifts and sharing your laundry room studio with us!
<3 Aerin

Unknown said...

Hi Barbara,

Today I could read what you wrote in the post. Thank you for sharing. I like the mention to journey and path. "May this journey nourish you during these difficult times” is very powerful right now. Thank you. Glad to hear you are well. All my best, Leila.

Konchok alexandra Shenpen said...

dear Barbara, somehow, this brought tears. i feel like i’m home. thank you,
Konchok alexandrashenpen